Dr. Lea Wohl von Haselberg

I have been principal investigator of the research group Jewish Film at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF since 2019.

In my research group we investigate the question of who understood, discussed, and programmed what, and when, as “Jewish film” from different perspectives. We are an interdisciplinary group of scholars coming from film and media studies as well as Jewish studies and we focus on a broad range of topics: Jewish film festivals, representation of Haredi (orthodox Jewish) life in film as well as Haredi film production, antisemitism and film, and Jewish film in museums.

I benefit immensely from the great freedom that leading this research group allows me. My research is new and emerging and there is a lot to build up: in science communication beyond the university, with dissemination projects and collaborations, publications, workshops and much more. Not only am I free from obligations such as university teaching, but I am also financially supported in a way that allows us to realize many of our ideas. Last but not least, the film university with its combination of academic research and film school is the perfect place for my approaches. I hope that this groundwork we are doing can continue after the term of the research group in Babelsberg/ Potsdam has concluded – many promising beginnings have been made and there are many research perspectives that can follow.