Postdoc Network

The Postdoc Network Brandenburg (PNB) supports postdocs as well as scientists doing artistic research. As a joint state-wide initiative for the career development of postdocs, our approach is unique in Germany. The PNB was founded to develop the full potential of postdocs working at the state’s academic institutions. The partners involved cover the entire spectrum of academic research: from basic scientific research to application-oriented and technological research to artistic and art-based research.

Pooled competence

The PNB unites all existing and upcoming qualification programs and facilities for postdoc support at Brandenburg’s universities. This will give postdocs in Brandenburg access to comprehensive talent promotion and support in their career development. At the same time, the network creates ideal opportunities to connect with peers outside of one’s own academic institution and form peer groups.

The network provides a broad, modular portfolio of career counseling, continued qualification and networking opportunities. The offer is specifically tailored to the needs of postdocs. It builds on individual skills and potentials, supporting postdocs’ career development for different professional fields. The participating partners’ proven as well as newly developed offers for continuing qualification are bundled, interconnected and evolved. Complementary event formats are planned and executed.

Equal opportunity as cross-sectional task

Creating equal opportunities for all groups of participants is a cross-sectional task for the entire network. As certified family-friendly universities, the partners offer family-friendly infrastructures that are available to all postdocs. Barrier-free access is ensured at all events to enable unrestricted participation. The PNB offers postdocs with disabilities multiple opportunities for individual counseling and integration.

High Potentials for Brandenburg

The combination of regular funding and top-level funding draws outstanding national and international postdocs (high potentials) to the state of Brandenburg and its scientific institutions. This also strengthens the attractiveness and sustainability of Brandenburg as location for the arts and sciences.

We are
Postdoc Network Brandenburg

... a statewide collaborative career development initiative for postdocs.

Modern, young, research-oriented: at Brandenburg's largest university, research and teaching are strongly entwined, mutually increasing their high quality and attractiveness. Special emphasis is placed on cognitive sciences, data-centric sciences, earth and environmental systems and evolutionary systems biology, as well as teacher training. The University of Potsdam, an innovation and development driver for the entire region, also convinces with outstanding achievements in technology and knowledge transfer.
In the heart of Lusatia, BTU combines outstanding international research with future-oriented teaching. It is a technical university with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Combining basic and application-oriented research, scientists and students at BTU create globally recognized solutions in the focus areas environment, energy, materials, construction, health, and information and communication technology.
For over 25 years, the university in the twin city of Frankfurt-Słubice has been a place where Europe is lived. Scientists and students work together to address issues concerning the future of Europe. The Viadrina is committed to interdisciplinary in its research as well as in its study programs.
Film University is the oldest and largest German film school and the only art school in Brandenburg. Its research focuses on film as a totality of audiovisual media – from cinema to television and video to installations and VR experiences. The combination of scientific, technological-applied and artistic approaches is both programmatic and challenging. Located at a (film) historical site in Babelsberg, the vivid dialogue with business, culture and society is among the central tasks.